Readathon Wrap Up #stayhomereadingrush

Four prompts, four challenges, four days!

That was my first readathon ever, also this is my first blogpost in english! Hooray! The #stayhomereadingrush lasted four days, from the 16th to the 19th of April – a weekend readathon.

  • total pages read: 1.337
  • finished books: 3
  • all prompts and challenges completed


I’ve been in such a reading mood lately, for me this readathon came at a great time. I had a lot of fun choosing my tbr pile based on the prompts and taking photos with it.

  1. Read a book with a house on the cover
  2. Read a book in the same room the whole time
  3. Read a book set somewhere you wish you could go
  4. Read a book that will make you smile

I used the photo of my tbr pile at the same time for my entry for the first Instagram challenge. Surrounded by my shelves and books, sitting in my cozy reading chair is definetly my fav spot to read in my flat.


Day ONE /// Thursday

Well I kind of messed up with my reading today, lol already on the first day. But I listened to 13% oft the full length audiobook „Ready Player One“ which I choose for the first prompt. Also I watched the movie adaption that night and really loved it!

tbr pile.jpeg
Thursday: Take a photo of your favourite reading spot!


Day TWO /// Friday

„Don’t disturb me, I’m reading“

I went for a walk and read a few chapters outside with sunshine on my face, I read until page 235 of RPO. I really enjoy this book a lot so far! The writing style is simple and easy to read despite the many details. Although the world is somehow complex and requires a lot of imagination while reading, it is still a comfortable book to read. You can’t read it in between short bus rides, but as soon as you have a little more time, you can let yourself fall into the story.
In the evening I finally started „Crushing on the Cop“ which I choose to read for the second and third prompt. Sadly, I feel asleep whil I was reading on page 111.

Second challenge on Instagram was to Show your favorite bookmark. I love magnetic bookmarks, because you can’t lose them!
Disney is always a good idea and especially Little Eeyore over here! I mean how can you not love him?? He’s so cute and adorable. *insert a donkey emoji here*

fav bookmark.jpeg
Friday: Take a photo of your favorite bookmark


Day THREE /// Saturday

I did a morning sprint on my own while still lying in bed, because I wanted to finish my first book for the readathon. And I did it! Yay! Finished „Crushing on the Cop“ with 264 pages. The book was quite okay, but it has not convinced me as much as „Flirting with Fire“. What was probably due to the fact that I had a much stronger bound to Mauro and Maddie than to Cristian and Vanessa. Oh yes, I’m crushing on the cop too, even if Mauro from volume 1 will probably remain my favorite of the brothers. The dynamism of the both could not tie up me, I really liked the Hero, his brothers, his family and all the side characters in this, my issue was … the heroine. I just couldn’t stand Vanessa at all!
I love the fact, that all three brothers are so close to each other. Also they are very funny and made me laugh while reading.
By finishing this one, I also completed two prompts: read a book int the same room all the time and read a book that will make you smile.
In the afternoon Lea from leaplansandreads ask me to do a little one-hour-sprint together! Being honest I enjoyed this more than I expected. I had not had a such a good hour full of reading in a long time. I managed to read 14 chapters aka 176 pages of „Ready Player One“!
After this I went for a walk again like yesterday, I took a short break and started a new book outside in the sun! I read 6 chapters aka 46 pages.
For my evening read I chose „Ready Player One“ and – applause sounds in the Background – FINISHED IT!! Simply said? This book was awesome. It was so good and it’s been quite a while since I had so much fun while reading such a huge Sci-Fi-Book. One of the greatest compliments that can be paid to a book is to say you could not put it down – Ready Player One has pulled me into  a sunction and I loved it. Everyone should read this awesome book!!

Saturday: Take a photo of your bookshelves


Day FOUR /// Sunday

Well I have spent the day with Clearing up and watching movies, although the only Thing I wanted to actually do was reading. But what should I say? This is so typical for me.
Just because I am a perfectionist and if I have something set in my mind I really want to pass throught it then; so I read a book with 488 pages in one sitting. Read a thick book like this one in two hours and a bit? Not a big deal for me. UPS. SO PROUD THO!! I really really wanted to finish all prompts, so I changed my tbr and the book I first had choosen for the „read a book set somewhere you wish you could go“ into „Dreammaker – Lust“ by Audrey Carlan, which is set in Milano, San Francisco and Montreal. Three cities I definetly rather be right now.
I totally enjoyed reading the second book of the international-guy-series!! Well, in english it’s book four, five and six of the series. I liked this story so much more than the one from the first book. Probably because of the main focus – women being happy with the way they look like. Also I think Skylar and Parker fit together perfectly, I love seeing them finally slowly growing together and accepting eacht others jobs. They finally realize that a relationsship doesn’t only include sex and fun all the time, but also facing their problems together and getting their shit fixed. Communication is the key!!
The story entertained me and made me laugh out loud at some points.
I can’t wait to read the next book in this series very soon!!

Since the weather is very london-ish aka rainy and grey today in my town I wasnt able to take a new photo outside. So I decided to show you a picture taken by me last summer during my vacation in Italy. I read those books back then, in the sun with the sound of the waves in the background. I MISS IT SO MUCH!!

book outside.jpeg
Sunday: post a photo of a book outside


I’m totally happy with myself as I completed all prompts and challenges on Instagram. Which is totally good as this was my first readathon experience. BOOM! Nailed it!
Also I managed to read three books and 1.337 pages in total, which is quite less for me tho, but I was too busy watching the Twilight saga and CSI:Miami oops 😀 Hopefully I will be able to focus even more on reading books when I’m joining the next readathon. I’m hoping that another short readathon comes up soon, so I can take part and experience another few magical hours of reading.
All in all it went pretty well. I loved taking part and really enjoyed all of the books I read! ❤

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  1. […] Lustigerweise habe ich im April sehr viele Bücher nur mit 2.5 von 5 Sternen bewertet, dafür habe ich meine drei Highlights umso mehr geliebt und genossen! Ein Buch, das ich mit 5 Sternen bewertet habe, gibt es aber dieses Mal nicht. Mein dickstes gelesenes Buch und somit auch mein erstes Highlight: Ready Player One von Ernest Cline mit 539 Seiten! Das zweite ist „Dreammaker – Lust“ von Audrey Carlan. Beide Bücher habe ich im Zuge meines allerersten Readathons gelesen, der übrigens auch mein generelles Highlight aus dem letzten Monat ist! Es hat mir wahnsinnig viel Spaß gemacht und ich kann den nächsten kaum erwarten. Falls euch meine Meinung zu den beiden Bücher interessiert, oder generell mein Beitrag zum #stayhomereadingrush – there you go: Readathon Wrap Up #stayhomereadingrush […]

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